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Terms of Purchase and Privacy Policy

At Alex Christopher K visual art studio (hereafter referred to as the studio), we (myself and the collaborating partners I hire) want you as a Customer to feel safe when ordering a product at the studio. Therefore, I have put together these Terms of Use and the Personal Data Policy on how I collect and retain the necessary information in order to receive orders and deliver the goods to you.


When you order an item at the studio, some personal information is collected to be able to complete the order. The information is registered and stored in accordance with the guidelines that apply within the GDPR, even your purchase history is registered in accordance with current accounting rules. You as a Customer always have the right to access the information collected and registered. If the information stored is not correct, you can always request that it be corrected or deleted. If you want to know more about how your personal data is handled, you are always welcome to contact us by email to alexchristopherk@alechristopherk.com 

What data is saved?


The studio records only the information that is necessary at the time of purchase. If the customer admits, then the information may also be saved and used when sending out offers or announcing events that the studio may attend, but only via e-mail. The studio never shares personal information with third parties. Information that may be shared then only applies to the goods ordered and which must be submitted to the printing company for production.

The studio saves:




Email address

Phone number

Social security number (only when purchasing an item)

Payment methods are saved when buying through the website or when buying in markets etc. this to ensure payment and for accounting purposes. This task is stored safely.

Information that you voluntarily state.

Return Policy:


All products at the studio are manufactured to order via so-called “print on demand” service. When purchasing print on demand products, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the extent that the product is not damaged or that the wrong item has been sent. The right of withdrawal also does not apply to Acoustic boards as they are printed at another printing company with accompanying costs. Exceptionally if damage has occurred or wrong item has been sent.


Your order is sent as soon as it has been produced, therefore the delivery time may vary slightly depending on how high the studio is and how large your order is. Of course, we do our best to be as efficient as possible. Normal delivery time from us is 4 working days for smaller orders of goods that are printed here in the studio in Varberg, but for larger orders is added another 3 days when the product must be ordered from larger printing company with which the studio cooperate



Shipping costs are added and counted for each order. Returns Should an damage occur during the shipment or if an incorrect item has been sent, a new item is sent to the Customer to the extent that the customer within the reasonable time cites the error to the studio by means of proof of proof sent via e-mail to alexchristopherk@alexchristopherk.com

Cookies / Collection of data:


The studio uses a simple version of Visitors Analytics from WIX only to see how many people visit the site and which countries the visitor comes from. We do not store or store any data. To read more about the terms from WIX please click here https://www.visitor-analytics.io/wix-gdpr-commitment or here to read about cookies https://www.visitor-analytics.io/wix-cookie -information If you do not agree with this then you simply end by closing down the page and then clearing your browser from saved cookies in the settings of your chosen reader.



The studio only cooperates with companies that can be trusted and where collaboration has been going on for a long time. In the future, new partners may be hired, but only after a thorough consideration and assurance that they also meet and and comply with the requirements set by the GDPR. If you want to know more about our terms, please contact me Alex Christopher K via email alexchristopherk@alexchristopherk.com